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How to maintain and/or improve your website SEO

So Vanta Studios just finished your WordPress website packed with all the organic SEO elements you need to rank online for your services. However, as you grow and make changes to your website yourself, it’s vital that you continue to maintain and/or improve the SEO we built into your website. Here is how.

There is the need for relevant and quality content. Long gone are the days when you could stick up a few static sales pages and leave your website to make passive income. We’re well into the online social media revolution, and it’s one that changes every second – which is just one reason huge companies rely on interns and professionals to keep them ahead of the curve. Make sure to do the following often:

Regularly update important static pages to keep them current – especially if they include statistics and time-sensitive facts.

Regularly write (or have our professionals write) highly engaging content that portrays your company as a knowledgeable industry leader. Anything that may lead to going viral is what you want. Additionally, Google likes to see content added and updated regularly on your website.

Instead of keyword stuffing your content, focus on writing naturally. Of course, it’s important to perform your research through keyword tools to know what keywords you can competitively target organically without too much competition and to analyze the competition to create a strategy. You can also use these tools to find out what you’re ranking for, and what other keywords need a slight push to get ahead.

While you should have your website set up to use permalinks and be SEO optimized for your specific industry, don’t forget to add meta titles and descriptions for your blogs within the recommended character limits. Also make sure to use H1, H2, and H3 tags for your title and subheaders to show search engines they are essential.

When adding stock images, make sure to remove all EXIF data which is information that’s automatically added to images you purchase, and optimize the alt text for images to match the blog or page it’s being used on. See more about our SEO Los Angeles services here.

Use basic URL structures – especially if you use multiple categories to make it easy for visitors to navigate and understand where they are on your site. For instance, http://www.example/category/title. Additionally, remove stop words within your URL structure such as “a,” “in,” “and” etc.

Always add the option to share your posts and pages on social platforms as social triggers are just one of the many factors that make up search engine ranking algorithms these days.

Provide useful external links to professional sources (ideally government studies and official organizations) to make your website as helpful as possible.

Make sure to link to relevant internal links as well within your content that might interest readers.

Write longer articles and pages. Recent evidence has shown that more extended content is more likely to rank than shorter content, though avoid repetition or generic information. Ideally, aim for 1500+ words if you don’t have a readership already and are relying a lot on organic Google traffic.

If you would like us to effectively and regularly update your content as we mentioned above.