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Los Angeles Aerial Photography

There may be times when it becomes necessary to shoot a scene from above. Aerial photography has a number of applications ranging from real estate promotions to disaster relief, all of which could greatly benefit from the aerial photography services provided by the experts here at Vanta Studios.


There’s one reason why Los Angeles aerial photography continues to be popular, and that is that it provides a brand new angle for your subject. Things look much different when they are viewed from above, which is why aerial shots are a great way to intrigue customers. An aerial shot of your business that includes a bit of our beautiful white sand beaches is one of the best ways to encourage tourists to visit. If you are a Los Angeles real estate developer, showing an overhead view is also an excellent way to attract new investors. Contact us today to find out more.


Filmmakers who are looking for the right spot to shoot a scene can take advantage of aerial photography to help them scout out different locations. It becomes especially important when a director plans to include a wide-angle, overhead shot in the finished film. Aerial photography is also very helpful when it comes to finding the perfect piece of property or detecting traffic patterns in order to improve roadways. Festival planners can use it to help them better determine the layout for various booths and events. If you are having trouble finding the right location for any project, our aerial photography services could help.


If you own a Los Angeles hotel, apartment complex, timeshare, or condominiums, displaying aerial portraits on your website will help you attract new tenants. People will be more drawn to your property if they are able to see the layout and features, because they will automatically feel more at home. Aerial photography can also be very useful when it comes to promoting recreational facilities such as a water park, golf course, or racetrack. Give people a “bird’s eye view” of your facilities, and you will likely be surprised at just how fast they flock to your front door. Take a look at our Los Angeles photography services.