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Los Angeles Business Card Design

A potential client can form an opinion of you, fair or not, within 10 seconds of observing your business cards. This is why it is so important for syou to put careful consideration into your business card design. The Los Angeles graphic design team at Vanta Studios can research your customer base, the products and services you provide and your target audience with the goal of developing a business card that will not get tossed in the trash within those first 10 seconds.


The creative team at Vanta Studios located in Los Angeles, CA can help you settle on a size, shape and color scheme for your business cards. This is a very important decision. A business card should clearly and accurately represent your business as concisely as possible, and size, shape and color are essential to your card’s design. Make sure you use complimentary colors that are pleasing to the eye and do not clash. In fact, keep your color scheme consistent throughout your marketing strategy from logo to website. Do not simply go with the cheapest priced card. It is vital that any images you have on your card are of high quality as a poor quality card will certainly give the impression that your company is sub-standard.


The quality of paper on which your business card is printed is important as well. Make sure you select sturdy cardstock that will hold up while it is stored in your pocket or purse. Also decide if a glossy, matte or textured finish will best represent your company and its products and services. Avoid borders on your business cards as it can be extremely difficult for printers to make sure every card’s border is even as all printers have a small margin of error. The Los Angeles design team at Vanta Studios is skilled and experienced and can advise you on factors that will help make your business cards the best in your industry.


Business cards with gorgeous color, unique shape and top-notch paper quality can be ruined by text that is difficult to read. The text font should be large enough to make it clear and easily readable. You do not want your current or potential customers to be unable to decipher the email address or phone number that is on your business card. It helps if your text is embedded or outlined to improve readability. The experts at Vanta Studio can help you avoid mistakes that will make your business card unappealing, unattractive and a candidate for the trash can.

Do not forget to include all relevant contact information on your Los Angeles business cards. At the very minimum you need your name, title, phone number, email address and website. You may also need to include a fax number, your company logo and a short list of basic services your company provides or products that you sell. Your Los Angeles Vanta Studios team can guide you so that your business card includes everything needed to encourage customers to do business with you.