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Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Is it time to stop using a free third party email service and start your own domain? Vanta Studios can develop an eye catching website for your company that can include as many email accounts as you want, all directly linked to your domain name.


This ensures people email you at your domain name rather than some other email service. Example: Good: info@yourdomain.com, Bad: info@Gmail.com


Webmail is a web-based method of accessing email accounts. It allows the user to view emails anywhere and at any time by simply entering a user name and password. Typically webmail is free and is operated from a website. Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo are examples of webmail; however as a business, you cannot have your own domain when you use webmail. Users can access their emails as long as they have an internet connection and a browser, but they cannot read an old email or draft a new one online. If webmail is your choice, Vanta Studios based in Los Angeles can make set up and support easy and convenient.


Vanta Studios can host your email at your own domain name rather than at a free service. For example, the name of your company can be a part of your email address with email hosting. This ensures that people email you at your own domain rather than at some other email service. Vanta Studios can make your email experience a pleasant one. Quick and easy directions for set up of email on your mobile device, laptop or desktop computer can be sent to you.


With each email you send you can present yourself as a true professional, not to mention provide some click-able links to your website and/or social media networks(Facebook Page). Here at Vanta Studios, we try hard to think of everything.


We offer HIPAA Compliant hosting for medical company purposes. Google offers one of the highest level of security when hosting all things email, storage and more!


Technology should not have to be a source of stress in your life. It should not slow you down from providing top-notch service to your customers. You want your technology to help you increase your revenue, not hinder it. That is why you should contact Vanta Studios for Los Angeles email hosting and Los Angeles Web Design.