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Los Angeles Email Marketing

What is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get information out to all of your clients at one time? The answer is email marketing. Your email does not only send from your domain but it looks just as good as the Los Angeles Web Design we designed for you! Don’t just send a client some text in an email. Send a well designed and enticing web page embedded into the email with links, photos and more. Vanta Studios located in Los Angeles, CA can set you up for direct marketing of your products and services via email to your entire customer mailing list. Our Los Angeles email marketing system is also a great way to generate an email newsletter to both clients and employees.


Not to be confused with spam/junk or email blasting! Send your clients well designed Los Angeles email newsletters with updates and valuable information (blog related). Of course, they always have the right to unsubscribe.


Our emails are designed and look just as good as our websites do. Entice your clients to click, share and connect with you!


Vanta Studios can organize email campaigns for you that go straight from your domain to both current and prospective customers. The emails will look as polished and professional as your website, and can contain an enticing webpage embedded in the email with links, photos, coupons and other exciting offers. The experts at Vanta Studios based in Los Angeles can design eye-catching emails that that will encourage customers to click on your links, share offers with their friends and family or contact you for more information. The email marketing campaigns can go out monthly, weekly or as often as you like.


How can you tell if email marketing is working for you? We have you covered. Our team of professionals can provide you with a plethora of statistics so that you can determine the success achieved through your email campaign. We can tell you how many emails were opened, how many customers or potential customers unsubscribed from the emails and how many actual clicks took place on the emails that were sent. This will help you decide how you want to proceed in the future with your marketing strategies.


Email marketing involves direct marketing to a specific mailing list through the use of electronic mail. Typically, some type of commercial message, email newsletter, discount coupon or other special offer is sent to a pre-determined list of individuals or companies. This is not spam or email blasting. Email marketing contains valuable information in the form of updates, blogs and other educational materials. The individuals and companies on the email list have a right to unsubscribe if they choose, which means they will not receive future emails from your organization. The ultimate goal of Los Angeles email marketing is to enhance your relationship with your customers and help you acquire new ones too.


Our process is so simple. All you have to do is download our easy and convenient Excel template, complete the template in full and return it to our team with your clients’ and prospective clients’ email addresses. Each company or individual email address that you provide will receive a visually appealing and creatively designed email with compelling and concise content. Our team has conducted research to determine the optimal opening times of the day for emails, and we will send out your email marketing campaigns at those times.