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A well-designed logo is critical to successfully marketing a business. It is the single most visible representation of a company in its target market, and it anchors the company’s brand. The team at Vanta Studios recognizes the significance of a strong logo to a company’s overall marketing strategy. Logos are excellent tools that companies can use to create a distinct image and form a link in the minds of its customers between the company and its products and services.

Why do some logos look good and some don’t? Why do we remember some and instantly forget others? More importantly, what makes a successful logo? What are the fortune 500 companies doing? Because something clearly works, while something does not. I invite you to learn the most fundamental part to a business, a foundation if you will. Lets make it (pun intended)


K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple stupid. Easier said then done, you are passionate about your company. You want to say and show everything. But that is illogical when marketing. Use a website for details. 99 percent of Americans are ADD, wait, that can’t be right. I never paid long enough attention to really find out. The point is make it SIMPLE. It will pay off, literally.


Be original. Be fresh. Do not be confused with any other logo, especially your competitions!


Not subject to fashion trends. The current Fedex logo has been around since 1994. Could you tell?


People will look at the logo in a fraction of a second. Let’s make it count by ensuring it makes sense in a single glance.


Your logo must be readable at a minimum of 1 inch in size and of course we only design in a quality that will turn heads with any size or environment you or I place it in.


Needs to be relevant to your unique, soon to be dominated by you, industry.


Most people do not know how to design a logo; however, it is possible to get a high quality and affordable logo design from the creative team at Vanta Studios Los Angeles. From a trendy restaurant logo design to a freelance logo design for a small business, our talented graphic design team can take your company’s branding to the next level. Your logo can be a symbol, a word or a combination of both, and the logo design should help consumers recognize your company and remember the products and services that you provide. You might consider registering your logo as a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which would give you the exclusive right to use the logo.


Your logo is the face of your company, and that is why skillful logo design is so important. Using specific colors, unique fonts and creative images, the Los Angeles branding experts at Vanta Studios can develop a logo that will identify you with your company’s brand, and they can interject your logo into all of your marketing materials. A well-designed logo should represent the company in such a way that it makes customers instantly recognize the business, its products, services and the type of industry. A skillfully designed logo can contribute to a company’s success, while a sub-standard logo can give the impression of a company being substandard or unprofessional.


The purpose of a logo is to make a company more visible to the general public. The logo design should effectively convey the company’s brand, and represent its products and services to current and prospective customers. Companies with many branches in lots of cities are often recognized by their logos. Their products and services, from fast food to oil changes, are brought to the customers’ minds instantaneously by a mere glance at the logo. This is the sign of an expertly designed logo that successfully represents the company’s brand.


Good logo design and successful Los Angeles based branding can lead to a sense of loyalty among customers who are consistently satisfied with a company’s products and services. Logos can even represent a stamp of high quality to loyal customers who seek out the company’s brand. Some customers are even willing to pay more for a particular product or service that they like, regardless of whether or not a competitor offers a less expensive version of the item. Logos are associated with the quality of a company’s products and services, and that is why it is so important to be careful with your logo design.

Ultimately, you want your logo to cause current and prospective customers to associate it with your specific brand. A creatively designed logo developed by the talented team at Vanta Studios can help your customers recognize and remember what they like most about your products and services.