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Keeping up with the next generation of customers can be challenging, but the experts at Vanta Studios are on top of the latest marketing techniques. Today, social media marketing is the way to go. Building your customer base into a strong social network will give you an edge over your competition that is still using direct mail and newspaper ads for marketing products and services. There are a number of ways the team at Vanta Studios can enhance your marketing plan.

Your clients and future clients are already on the major social networks, so should your business or event! Although, don’t worry setting up and managing all of the Social Networks because it is easily overwhelming and let’s not forget you have a business to run! But it is extremely valuable in terms of marketing. So here we are. We will professionally setup and regularly post interesting and share worthy content across all of your social network accounts to generate leads and interest in what you have to offer.


The social media definition is essentially a form of electronic communication by which users create communities on the internet for the purpose of sharing information. Effective social marketing hinges on the use of the social media sites that fit best with your products and services. Using social sites can help you share information about your company, and best of all, much of social marketing is free. Customers and potential customers can use mobile and web-based technologies to learn about your company and what kinds of products and services you have to offer. Vanta Studios can teach you how to use current customers to help you attract new ones by using a custom designed social network.


Part of social media management involves the effective use of mobile devices to get the word out about your products and services. The team of marketing experts at Vanta Studios can help you expand your social network to include mobile applications. Over 90% of Americans own mobile phones, and a large number of those get emails and access the internet and social networking sites via their mobile devices. Applications for smart phone are increasing daily, and use of smart phones is increasingly becoming the way that the twenty and thirty-somethings receive the bulk of their information each day. Successful social media management is vital to effective marketing in the 21st Century.


Do not get left in the dust in this digital age of marketing products and services. Learn how to effectively communicate via social networking with the Millennial Generation and entice them to buy from your company. The experts at Vanta Studios can help you design the best Los Angeles social media marketing strategy for your brand.


There is more to it than simply filling out information on the startup page. You want tracked links from each social network to another? How about track-able links to your website? How about the proper keywords? Stay cool, we got this!


We do graphic design, if you havent noticed already. We love designing beautfiul and captivating graphics for your social network pages.


Hashtags categorize your business and work similar to keyword research with your websites SEO. People on social networks search via hashtags. So you want to have the correct hashtags on each of your posts according to your type of business, location and as well as the posts content. We do the research, and implement potent and successful Social Media Marking at Vanta Studios.


Your goal is to be liked and shared. But, like a healthy person has a balanced diet, you want to post a range of things. Don’t post just marketing material or sells. Post content that actually benefit people and you will be rewarded accordingly by likes, follows, and shares from friend to friend. That is what is called going “viral.” But it is a good virus that exposes the entire world to what you have to offer!