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Architectural Photography Los Angeles

Whether you’re trying to sell a home or simply want photographs of a stunning building, the right Los Angeles architectural photography can bring out every detail you’re trying to capture. Here at Vanta Studios, we can create stunning photographs of any architectural structure and turn them into a truly delightful work of art.


When taking Los Angeles architectural photography, we use latest in drone technology. Get a bird’s eye view and interesting angles of your architecture that you simply cannot attain without our heavy equipment or a drone. The possibilities are now truly endless when it comes to taking architectural photographs. This technique is perfect for use in commercial and residential applications alike, and can provide you with a wider view than what would be possible with traditional photography methods.


Architectural elements are often found inside a building, and we can capture these details perfectly. Whether you want to emphasize crown molding, etched trim work or stained glass windows, Vanta Studio can help these architectural features come to life. We use state-of-the art equipment along with advanced architectural photography techniques to show off the details that make each structure unique in its own special way.


When it comes to photographing exteriors, which angle is best-north or south? No doubt, the best time for some great photos are either early morning or late evening. Give us your address, and we will determine which will yield the best results of some stunning exterior Los Angeles architectural photography. When determining the angle and time of day to perform this photography, we’ll consider the surrounding terrain, direction your building is facing, and the types of details you are trying to highlight in order to come up with the best solution.


Sometimes, photographing special features can be an important part of Los Angeles architectural photography. Whether you have an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, or fire pit you’d like photographed, Vanta Studios can provide eye-catching images that will highlight these special features nicely. Contractors who are developing a portfolio of their work or homeowners who are listing their property for sale can all benefit from having professional photographs of unique architectural elements taken by Vanta Studio Design.


HDR stands for high dynamic range imaging. It involves a special set of techniques that is often used in architectural photography to create a greater range between light and dark areas. Highlights and shadows all contain detail, and using HDR to bring out these details will result in a much more accurate photograph that appears to be more realistic and stunning than you had ever imagined possible before.


Vanta Studios is a leading Los Angeles photography studio, and specializes in a number of things including architectural photography. Based in Panama City Beach, Florida, our architectural photographer uses the latest technology available to capture brilliant images of your structure. We’ll always listen to your needs in order to provide just the right photographs to suit your goals and budget. Whether you simply need a few special photographs or want to create an entire portfolio of images, our services will fit your needs precisely.


In Los Angeles architectural photography, a tilt shift lens is used to focus in on certain features of a building or buildings. It is often used to photograph groups of buildings, as is often the case when taking images of city skylines. Using a tilt shift lens is effective because it allows the photographer to adjust the position of a building within a particular image without needing to move the camera at all. As a result, it becomes easier to photograph very tall buildings or monuments without a great deal of difficulty.

When you need architectural photography taken in California area, look no further than Vanta Studios.