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Website vs. Social Media: Why Your Business Needs a Website

Social media accounts promote your business, attract a wide audience, and they’re free. That means you no longer need a corporate website, right? Actually, the answer is “no.” Your business still needs a highly functioning website, even if you have lots of social media followers-here’s why.

#1. It Establishes Credibility

Anyone can open a social media account and put your business’s name on it. However, it takes a bit more effort to come up with an actual web page. You’ll need to consider your domain name, layout, and how people will navigate the website. If you plan to sell items online, you’ll also need to come up with photographs and product descriptions. The sheer amount of work involved means that people are more likely to take your company seriously if you have your very own attractive, well-designed website.

#2. You Have Greater Flexibility

With social media sites, you are limited as to the amount of branding you can do. You merely have one template to work with, and can only add a few basic banners and graphics. With a website, you can link to your company’s blog, provide employee bios, or even operate a forum. You can also revamp your website to reflect changes in your company whenever it is time for a rebrand.

#3. Websites Reach a Wider Audience

No everyone these days is active on social media sites. Among those who are active, not all of them utilize the same platform. As such, you are limited as to the number of people you can reach. On the other hand, your website is available to anyone with an Internet connection, making it possible to reach those who do not share your same passion for social media.

#4. Websites Work Harder

Want to build your contact list, sell products, or handle customer complaints? These things can be difficult if not impossible to handle via social media. On the other hand, it’s possible to sign up for newsletters, contact customer support, or browse a multitude of products on a company’s website. A website can even help you avoid negative reviews. This is important, because negative reviews might otherwise be posted on your social media page where everyone could see them.

#5. You own your Content

When posting on social media, you do not necessarily retain ownership of your content. Facebook and other platforms retain all rights, and some may even share your content as they see fit. As a result, photographs, writings, and other data could be licensed without your consent. Of course you can see the potential for misuse with this model. On the other hand, what you post on your website is uniquely yours, so you do have some protection available to you under the law.

Social media sites make people aware of your business, but do little else to promote it. You still need a website in order to enhance your reputation and increase sales. If you are struggling to keep up with your competition, perhaps it is time for a new website.